Kids Art Classes

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Ages 5-19

Classes meet every week (up to 4 weeks a month) 

Homeschool Artists (any age)  Tuesdays 1-2pm

JR Artists (5-10 y/o) Tuesdays OR Fridays 4:30-5:30

JV Artists (10-15 y/o) Tuesdays OR Fridays 5:30-7


2019/2020 Semester

Classes will start back August 6 2019 and run through May 26 , 2020

Art Show May 26 2020 (tentative)

Registration is now open. 


****Teen class starting September 5 2019 

We will experiment with a variety of art mediums and styles while learning about some of the greats along the way. 


Art Show

And every aspiring artists needs to feel good about the work they have done! So we close each semester with an art show to showcase all their hard work to their friends and family! 

Fall/Winter art classes auto pay

Art class payment


Private Art Lessons

Due to demand we are now offering Private lessons. Pricing may vary based on age and time. Limited availability. Base pricing will be as follow:


$65 per 2 hour individual session 

$220 for a month / 4 sessions 


$40 per 1.5 hour individual session

$130 for a month / 4 sessions

Pricing includes instruction and set of tools that belongs to student. 

*****Student may be asked for an additional fee if the lesson requires specialty tools or supplies. 

Check availability

If you have questions or would like to check availability contact us below.